Crabtree & Evelyn

Merry Christmas!!!

This year my household didn’t really do much in terms of gift giving, which was quite alright for all of us. But my parents did receive a number of gifts from their respective workplaces, whether that be homemade cookies, books, or boxes of chocolate. Perhaps the best thing that either one of them received was the amazing sampler gift set that my mom got. It was a Hand Therapy Paint Tin from Crabtree & Evelyn.

Neither my mom or I have ever tried anything from Crabtree & Evelyn before but I always remember passing by the store in the Eaton Centre and being curious about their products. They are definitely out of my everyday price range (which is  “cheap-as-heck”) so this set is quite a treat. Each of these hand creams looks so beautiful, not to mention the gorgeousness of the tin.

The set available on the website carries some different scents to the one my mom received but most of the are the same. I can’t wait till my mom opens all of them so that we can try them out. They must smell amazing – they look like they would!





Scents: Rosewater, Evelyn Rose, Lavender, Wisteria
La Source, Avocado (olive & basil), Lily, Somerset Meadow
Citron (honey & coriander), Tarocco Orange (eucalyptus & sage), Pomegranate (argan & grapeseed), Gardeners

I’m so thankful that both my parents have jobs where they are appreciated. It is amazing to think about the time and money that goes into these gifts, especially because my mom was not the only one who received such a nice present.

I hope that you all had a very merry Christmas and that it was filled with laughter and joy, good food and family.

• Sarrah •

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