Well, I do love a good bargain

Happy Boxing Day one and all!

It’s that special time of year where people wake up in the wee hours of morning and line up outside their favourite store to get the best clearance prices of the year! People say Black Friday is a big day but I whole-heartedly do not believe that. Boxing Day (or rather week/month) takes the cake in my book. That’s when stores need to get rid of old stock to make way for all the lovely springtime things.

Now, if you know me, you know that I do love a good bargain and that sale is most definitely my favourite word. And all of this got me thinking about some of my favourite deals that I managed to scoop up over the last few years. I am by no means up to GraveyardGirl standards, but I try. As I post this, I am most definitely on the hunt for more deals!

(please excuse the quality of some of these pictures. Some have been dug up from the depths of phone camera hell to be here.)

Red Skardalo lace-up platform boots (Shelly’s London)
Store: Little Burgundy
Price: $45 – Original: approx $160

Saw these online. FELL IN LOVE. They are my babies, I love them dearly.

Black Olivia rain boots (Kamik)
Store: Feet First
Price: $50 – Original $100+

I bought these on sale over 4 years ago in first year university and they are still going strong today. At the time, this was the most I had ever paid for shoes in my life! But I don’t like the look of winter boots so a good pair of rain boots in winter has done the trick since high school.

Store: Topshop
Price: between $3-5 – original: between $7-20

Topshop on sale is the only time I buy from there. This summer they they had a really good sale on lots of there jewelry and I was able to pick up a few pieces that I absolutely loved. Not to mention some cute socks as well!


Red Plaid Blazer (Attitude – Jay Manuel Collection)
Store: Sears
Price: $12 original: $40+

When the Sears in Yorkdale Mall was closing, I was in there probably every week, trying to find the best deals on things they were trying to get rid of. I actually ended up purchasing a few pieces from the Jay Manuel line as they had the best fit out of all the Sears collections.

Pleated plaid wool maxi skirt
Store: Value Village
Price: $6

Sometimes a thrift find is the best find. I really should just right a post about my brothers ability to find really cool thrifted sweaters. He’s got some sort of uncanny ability. I was with him in a Value Village when I bought this massive plaid wool pleated maxi skirt. It was exactly what I was hunting for for ages, although the cashier asked me if I was buying it as part of school uniform….

4 pairs of Rockstar Skinny jeans
Store: Old Navy
Price: all 4 for $45 ($11.25 each) original: $178 ($44.50 each)

Old Navy is always a good place to check around sale season. A few days ago they had a buy one get one for a loonie sale and, as is habit, I rummaged through the clearance section to see if they had the style and fit of jeans that I love so much. They normally don’t have them in my size in the clearance section but that day they did! In four different style that I did not already have AND in 2 that I had been specifically hunting down. Let’s just say that I was pleased as a peach and hummed “sunshine, lollipops and rainbows….” all the way home.

Distressed Sweetheart Jeans
Store: Old Navy
Price: $0.97 – original $39.50

This is perhaps the best/craziest bargain ever: jeans for $0.97. 97 CENTS!!!! Can you believe it! Once more, this is an Old Navy thing, a fluke really. Earlier this summer, I saw some $5 jeans, again on the clearance rack (notice a trend here?). That alone is a great price, so when I brought it to the cash wrap and it rang in at 97 cents, both the cashier and I were shocked. She doubled checked it with her manager who said sometimes really old stock has some crazy prices. But yup, the price was right. With tax, the total came to $1.10. Nuts. Absolutely nuts.

These are just some of the more recent things, mostly shoes and jeans to be honest. I can guarantee that about 95% of the things I own have been bought on sale. It’s a way of life.

What is the best deal you’ve ever got? Let me know in the comments below!

• Sarrah •

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