2014 Favourites

Happy New Year’s Eve!

2014 was a polarizing and challenging year. But there were definitely some highlights that made the whole thing worth while, from new products I tried to things I did to the people in my life. Even the little things, like a pack of chocolate chip cookies or apples (any food basically) made all the difference. And thanks to Buzzfeed, I think it’s safe to say that 2014 was also the year of the list. So to continue this tradition, let’s recap in list form, shall we?

This album is life.
Bluenotes Cardigan
Favourite album: Kimbra – The Golden Echo (hands down!!)
Favourite make-up product: EOS Lip balm. That counts as make-up right?
Favourite shoes: My black boots from boohoo.com ($28) and they’re replacements from Target ($40). I wore the first pair to death.

Favourite clothing item: Turquoise chunky knit cardigan (Bluenote’s $12).


postcard collages

Favourite: movie: Gone Girl, Guardians of the Galaxy, Lego Movie

Favourite drink: Water with lime. A gift from the gods. Well, that and sangria.
Favourite event I attended: Fan Expo. I volunteered there for the entire weekend. I had bundles of fun and would definitely recommend it!
Favourite activity: Making collages. It was quite a tedious activity, but the meticulousness of it all is what appeals to me so.
Latin American Studies Textbok

Favourite song: Uptown Funk by Mark Robson featuring Bruno Mars. THIS IS MY JAAAAAAAAMMMMMM. Runner ups: Hideaway by Kezsia, anything by Kimbra

Favourite game: Candy Crush Saga, Diamond Digger, anything by King Games really.
Favourite app: VSCOCam, Instagram, Bloglovin
Favourite course: Latin American Studies. It’s so fascinating and my prof is awesome.
Favourite people: My parents: My godsends, My rocks.
Favourite blog: Thunder and Threads (Leanne Woodfull), Zoe London

Favourite trend/aesthetic: Fuzzy sweaters, monochrome

Fuzzy sweaters and Instagram throwbacks


Rooftops in Barbados

Favourite book: Skybreaker by Kenneth Oppel. It may be a children’s book but it’s funny and adventourous and I met the author as well 🙂

Favourite trip: Barbados for my mom’s wedding

Favourite podcast: History of Rome and Revolutions both by the amazing Mike Duncan, BBC Documentaries, Welcome to Nightvale. I was fortunate enough to see the Welcome To Nightvale live show when they cane to Toronto in July. It was quite entertaining.

Favourite TV Show: Midsommer Murder, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited

Yay for 2014, here’s to 2015! May it be an amazing year 🙂


• Sarrah •

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