An apple a day


This is a post about apples.
Apples are my pears.

That sentence might make sense if you read this short post from Humans of New York first: What’s your favourite thing about your mother?

Awhile ago I was feeling really down, really low, thinking like her, what’s the point? And then I saw this post on Facebook and immediately it got me thinking about how much the little things in life matter. How much the simplest things, like a mother eating a delicious pear, can brighten up your day. I messaged this post to my dad, who has been the one who takes the brunt of all my emotions and yet still sticks by me. The next day when I came home, I found a tray of pears on my desk.

I eat about 3 apples a day. I have for the past few months and shall continue to until I get so sick of them I never want to eat another one in my life. I love the juiciness, the crunchiness, the colour. They are very basic, yet very symbolic – a daily reminder to appreciate the little things and find joy in the ordinary. It’s a reminder that I treasure and thoroughly enjoy.

Plus, an apple a day keeps the doctor away 😉

• Sarrah •

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