Sunday, Sangria and Sweats

If you know me, you know I like sangria. No actually, let’s change that to ABSOLUTELY ADORE. The less red wine tastes like wine the better. I developed my liking for it in Spain where it is cheap and yummy. It was always on our weekly grocery list.

At New Years my friend made a batch for our potluck and since then I have made two more batches at home. Mind you, my homemade sangria follows absolutely no recipe and I’m not even sure what exactly is supposed to be in it. I just toss in some wine, some fruit juice, some rum and cut up some fruit to toss in,  for authenticity’s sake. Ta da!

Nothing says lazy day Sunday like sangria in a Winnie the Pooh cupwhile chilling in sweats. I only do things with the utmost of class.



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