OOTD: Floral x Velvet

You know what’s really awkward? Taking these photos. I mean how do fashion bloggers do it? Pose for pictures and such. Should I smile? Should I not? What if this precariously balanced camera falls off the ironing board? Gosh it’s tough. So please excuse the awkwardness. I tried.

My top and my skirt are from a recent Forever 21 buy-one-get-one free for sale items promotion. I paired it with a hoodie because, well it’s freezing outside and I haven’t done laundry in ages. The nice thing about long skirts in the winter, as someone told me on instagram, is that you can wear a million layers of long johns and no one’s the wiser. She was right. Plus, I’ve actively decided that I need to revive my high school style of basically wearing whatever I want when I want. It’s quite freeing!


Blurry outtakes

I hope you enjoyed this outfit. I want to do more in the future, perhaps a bit less awkwardly. We’ll see 🙂

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Hoodie: Bluenotes
Leggings: Hanes (Target)
Socks: Blanco (Spain)
Creepers: New Look (Ireland)

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