Attempting to Get Organized


One of my unofficial resolutions has been to get organized. Not really because I want to but because I have too. Balancing going to two schools and working at the same time is starting to get to me. And it’s only been a week!

In an attempt too get better at managing my time and getting things done, I bought a really pretty planner from Chapters in a boxing week sale. It’s a 16 month planner, which I honestly think are the most useless things ever but they didn’t have any of the regular ones left. I’ve taken to adding sticky notes with additional to do lists or shopping lists in case I don’t have enough space.

My #2 organizational aid is my blog book, a notebook where I keep all my blogging ideas, some rough drafts that I write in transit, lists of things to photograph, etc. “Blog often, blog well” was #9 on my proper New Year’s resolutions list and I hope this journal will help me accomplish that. (The journal is from Dollarama).

Two more things I got in the Chapters sale were sticky notes and a calendar. I haven’t had a calendar in ages and this National Geographic one is so nice because it reminds me of how much I love to travel. The sticky notes are along the same lines with Wanderlust not only being one of my favourite words, but also one of my favourtie Bjork songs (and perhaps most visually stunning videos). I LOVE HER.

Lastly is the always unexciting phone calendar. My dad has drilled it into my head over and over again – put things in your calendar and check it often, that way you never forget things or miss events. That has happened enough times to me and it really isn’t fun.

That’s all for now. I had created this super intensive language plan but after two days in I realized that it wasn’t all that realistic so it needs to be reworked. But hopefully 2015 will be the year of organization and getting things done!



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