DIY: The Clone Wars Sewing Kit

I’ve been a trekkie since the 9th grade when Star Trek: TNG, Voyager and DS9 used to do reruns on Spike (the “Man” channel) everyday after school. I shall now and forever be a trekkie. Buuuuutttttt every now and then you need to branch out, try something new.

Last year I thought it was high time I watched Star Wars. How could I claim to be a sci-fi fan and haven’t even covered the basics?! I had seen one of the movies sometime in high school but didn’t really get it. I watched all the movies last year. And I still don’t get it. But if I’m being honest, I only really watched them so that I could watch the animated series, The Clone Wars. I had seen the commercials and thought it looked so cool, so I buckled down and watched the originals.

Naaaahhhh. Not really for me. I mean I get it, but nahhhhh.

I do quite like the Clone Wars however. It’s a pretty good animated show for the audience it’s aimed at, which is most definitely not 22 year old females. The best part is that on Netflix, they have it dubbed and subtitled in “Canadian French”!! It’s amazing, so Quebecois, although you definitely need the subtitles whenever anyone wearing a mask is speaking.

This was all just a long way of me trying to justify why I covered my DIYed sewing box in Clone Wars stickers and electrical tape. I needed something to carry my scissors, needles, presser feet, etc. in when I went to class. And nothing says serious fashion student quite like an animated Samuel L. Jackson holding a lightsaber.




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