Treats from abroad :)

Two weeks ago I met up with my friend Bella who recently came back from China and she surprised me with a bag of sweets! She said most of them were dried fruit and I was excited to try them. I had to wait until I could photograph them before I could eat them though 😛



The candy on the left is upside…

I liked the pear one but that’s all I really got the chance to try because my dad ate all the rest! I made the mistake of putting the candies in the kitchen and next thing I know, they were gone! Done! He loves dried fruit and said they were not too sweet which was nice.

*side note* Bella is so amazing! She also made some homemade applesauce and kindly gave me a jar. I LURVE applesauce. If my soul was a food, it would be applesauce (mixed with sangria. I did that. It was good).

On Friday, the lovely Ukrainian student who lived with us last year came by for another visit, and brought with him some things from his recent vacation in France! I love it when people bring me food. It’s the best way to get on my good side, no lie. He brought a lovely dessert wine (at least that’s what I think it is) and a chocolate desert with caramelized bits in it. Once more, my dad devoured half of it. But I’m just going to sit here and be thankful for all the wonderful people who bring me food ♥



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