1 Month in: Fashion Design

the bane of my existence

It has been a very,very hectic month.

Monday will be the start of the 5th week of school. The past 4 weeks have gone by so very quickly that it doesn’t even feel like we’re almost in February. So far the Fashion Design Program is not what I expected it to be, but to be fair, I didn’t have that many expectations to begin with. It has been a lot of work and here are some of the things I have learned/noticed since starting.

1. Drafting is time consuming. If you’re not sure what pattern drafting is, it is the process of creating the pieces that are used to cut out the fabric before it gets sewn together. Drafting is essential in garment construction because it is what provides the shape and size of a garment, as well as indications as to how the pieces should be sewn together. When I say it’s time consuming, I mean that the homework. I don’t find it particularly difficult, but it takes ages to look good and it’s easy to forget things in the process. Also it involves fractions -__-

2. Mood is everything when sewing. There are times when no sewing machine you’re on wants to work and all you feel like doing is attacking the machines with an ax. Those days are inevitable and either just taking a time out or coming back to it another day, can be the most helpful thing to do.

3. The people are chill. I really like the vibe at my school because my fellow classmates are cool, nice people, and there is no real pressure at all to look or dress a certain way. You can show up in the most trendiest of outfits and stomp around in heels, or you can roll out of bed, toss on sweatpants, a hoodie and be good to go. I think I thought I would need to put in a ton of effort every day, but I basically stick to a t-shirt, jeans, cardigan and boots routine that suits me just fine.

4. The teachers are chill. They are all really helpful and understanding of the fact that most of us have never drafted a pattern or used a blind-stitch machine. The faculty is really nice too and you can tell that they really want the students to be successful.

5. Holy geez, the money. Tuition itself is not a lot, compared to my university tuition (it is almost exactly 1/2 the price). The real fees come with the supplies. Perhaps I have just been spoiled in uni with never really spending more than 150 bucks a semester, sometimes a year, for my books. I’ve already spent probably about $500 on this semester of fashion alone, and I haven’t even bought everything yet. I spent $30 on presser feet on Wednesday! That’s crazy!

6. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to work in fashion. I think I knew that going in but it has pretty much been cemented in my mind at this point. That’s not to say that I would never do anything relating to fashion in the future, I just don’t it’s the industry for me. That being said, I really do think the program is a great program for those that want to get involved in fashion in one aspect or another.

Overall, I am enjoying the fact that each day there is something to do. I find that I am an overall more productive person when there is stuff on my plate to do. Hopefully the rest of the semester will be alright!

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