Vivir lo nuestro

I’m in a very good mood right now! Today is Valentine’s Day which is really just another day to me. I’m not one to make a fuss about such things and if I’m honest, the best part of Valentine’s Day is the Feb 15th when all the chocolates go on sale. But today is a good day for a few other reasons:

1. My brother is coming home for reading week. Sappy I know. But every now and then I miss him. This lasts for about two days.

2. I had a really good breakfast. I’ve been cooking and baking a ton this week, “procrastibaking” as my friend Dee so brilliantly called it. I feel like that’d be the greatest hashtag ever.

Kale smoothie
Spinach + mushroom pasta, egg salad, quinoa salad with apples, mangoes, chicken, sweet peppers and cucumbers
Chocolate cake

3. I’m caught up with my school work! YAAAYYY! I mean I still have about two sewing samples that aren’t finished but those are not being marked for another 6 weeks and everything that was due has been submitted. I’m happy happy happy about that. After the tough week that was the week before last (post about it here), this next one is definitely looking up.

Drafting 101
The perils of sewing class

4. It’s reading week #1! University reading week is this week so no French and Latin American Studies classes for me! Next week is college reading week (intercession they call it) so then I only have those uni courses. Normally it would annoy me that they are not at the same time, but this staggered system is going to work well I think because there are still lots of projects to do.
(count how many times I’ve said “week” in that paragraph :S)


5. I’m heading to dinner with some classmates tonight for a “Galentine’s” meal as it is called. No clue where we’re headed but drinks and food on a Saturday is always a good idea.

Last week I went fabric shopping and got some pretty cool fabric that basically just re-ignited the creative spirit in me. I’m excited to more creative things whether that be sewing or crafting. I think that’s why I’ve been cooking so much, it’s an outlet.


sooo old.


Why I don’t iron
The title of this post is the amazing song by Marc Anthony and La India from what appears to be at least two decades ago; I mean, look at his hair, I’m in love. Songza is my favourite music app and all morning I’ve been loving the “Viva la vida” playlist. I shall be dancing the rest of the day!

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