#TBT: 6th Grade Journals

This one’s a strange/entertaining one. I’m a sporadic journaler to say the least but I tend to keep all the incomplete books on a little section on my bookshelf.  I was looking through them the other night and this journal from the end of 2003 to New Year’s 2004 make me chuckle. I was 11 years old and in the 6th grade. We lived in Calgary, Alberta at that time. I thought I’d share some snippets from this book filled with seating charts, Christmas presents and waaaay to many daydreams about boys (not included below :P) Enjoy!

note: ignore the HORRENDOUS spelling and grammar errors please.

in case you can’t read my writing: PJs, shirt, skirt, face and body tattoos, beads (to do what with?), scarf, headband,
hair supplies, 4 layers of lip gloss, a Jingle bean baby named Jingle


FRANKIE MUNIZ lololololol


always a classic



the real #TBT MVP: Blockbuster


Who is David Usher?



Natrul? Miss Indepent? Beauitful? *spelling facepalm*


I’ve been trying for 11 years to exercise. Hasn’t worked.


The final entry: June 26th 2005. Right before we moved from Calgary to Whitby, Ontario.

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