TV is my addiction – a poem

TV is my addiction.
It saves me from real life.
It allows me to not confront the things I need too.
It provides an escape, and alternate reality,
where I can hide and watch someone else go through life, so I don’t have to.
It’s hard to let go of something so distracting,
so satisfying.
that transports me and puts a smile on my face.
Most things in life just make me anxious or upset.
This is my get away, my safe haven, my drug.
My eyes never leave, as I soak it all in.
Too much and I feel sick,
I forget to eat
or my head starts to hurt.
But that doesn’t stop me
because when I think about the future or the past my head hurts even more
So the pain might as well come from something I enjoy
Rather than something I dread.
Daily, non-stop.
It seems I can’t function without it.
First thing in the morning and the last thing at night.
But I can’t give up the only thing that brings me pleasure
It’s the only place where I find enjoyment and comfort.
Without it my mind would be occupied with everything that scares me.
And who wants to be scared?

This overly dramatic poem was written November 29th, 2013, but I think it still applies, especially with my behaviour in recent weeks.

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