"sunshine, lollipops and rainbows blah blah blah…"

Spring ♥


Heydenshore in Whitby


The last few days have been filled with some amazing weather and in turn some very happy people. I was driving around downtown on Sunday afternoon helping a friend move some things and all we could see was people walking, biking, sitting on patios, strolling along and it’s honestly so nice. I’ve seen women in sundresses and TTC drivers in t-shirts and shorts. And while I don’t quite think it’s that warm yet, I’ve most definitely ditched any sign of winter.

On these super nice days I always think back to that line in Miss Congeniality when Miss Rhode Island was asked to describe her perfect date and she responded:

While the last week or two has been tough personally, there have been a lot of highlights which have made some days a lot better. Yesterday I spent a really fun day in Whitby hanging out with friends, eating chicken, creeping on K-OS who happened to be in the same pub as us, swinging by the lake and discussing jail time while eating a lovely homemade meal by the awesome Corinne of Corrine’s Kitchen! Last week we celebrated my friend’s birthday with a classic movie and dinner combo (Cinderella and Nando’s) and on Tuesday, another friend’s b-day with some all you can eat sushi!


I volunteer at the ROM and lately I’ve been taking some extra shifts. It’s always cool to meet different volunteers on different days and learn from them. And since this week is Volunteer Appreciation Week everywhere, the museum and my gallery has been super kind to us. On Saturday I received a cute little badge made for the volunteers. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra also had a code for volunteers to get free tickets to see one of two shows and on Tuesday night I took my mom to see “As Heard On TV“. It was a fantastic performance about TV theme songs through the ages. The conductor Scott Reineke was engaging and very energetic and vocalist and “host” Nicole Parker was super funny as she did renditions of songs in the voice of Celine Dion and Ellen Degeneres. Additionally, she is an amazing singer who could easily power her way through a Barbara Streisand number.
I haven’t been there for very long but I really, really enjoy the ROM and they treat everyone so well. Although I’m in a science-y area and that’s not my area of expertise at all, I’m learning a lot and it’s been very enjoyable so far.
The rest of the week should be great as well: more ROM time, hanging with friends and visiting family. I love April because everything is so fresh and rejuvenated and hopefully I can hold on to that feeling 🙂




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