Thursday was my 23rd birthday. Naturally, about two weeks ago, the day after my last university exam, I had a breakdown. I realized that I was so lost and unprepared and more or less scared, nothing new. It was a bad week. But if the last few days have shown me anything it’s that I’m so incredibly blessed and not knowing is okay.

Normally I don’t celebrate my birthday. I can’t even remember what I did last year. But this year it was four days of hanging out with friends. Some things were birthday related, some not specifically and they were all wonderful. I saw the cherry blossoms at High Park, took a pottery class and had sushi with Ale on Wednesday, went to a Jessie J concert with Amanda on Thursday, went to the ROM Friday Night museum party they host and then danced my behind off with Jaslyn, Katy and Bonita and the next day Jaslyn and I went to a park and get attacked by colonies of flies with death wishes. I mean, I spent four days being happy and excited. It was strange.

I’m gonna get a bit sentimental here but I’m SUPER DUPER thankful. I’m thankful for all the Facebook and text messages. I’m thankful for my family and their best wishes. But perhaps right now I’m most thankful, and grateful, for my friends. They really are quality people who make me laugh and think and try new things. Each person adds something different to my life and I love it. I hope they know this. OK. Sentimentality over.

But yea, this was one great birthday. Thanks šŸ™‚

Cherry Blossoms in High Park


Clay Classes at the Gardiner Museum






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