Blogs I’m Loving ♥

I love lists and I love blogs. So I thought I’d write a list of some blogs that I’m loving write now. They are a mix of fashion, beauty, lifestyle. home decor, travel and more. Each one is quite different and inspire me in various ways 🙂


Elsie in her amazing office
Image source

A Beautiful Mess: If you like beautiful spaces and DIY projects, this is the site for you. Every time I click on to it, I get mega inspired by their colourful kitchens and unique decor. This was originally a blog started by two sisters in Missouri. Elsie and Emma, but has turned into a good sized creative online business with multiple contributors. Their decor style is brightly coloured and fresh and their personal style is always funky. It is probably one of my favourite sites.

Zoe and her unicorn hair ♥
image source

Zoe London: Zoe is one of my favourite bloggers and definitely why I wanted to get back into blogging this year. She provides honest posts about things such as the struggle of living in London, the loneliness of being a professional blogger and being an unconventional beauty in a conventional online beauty world. She has cool style and even cooler hair. Honestly, HAIR GOALS. She is also a DJ part-time and is very into the British alt-rock, indie scene. So cool.

Claire Marshall
image source

Hey Claire: This girl is amazing. She has the best editing of any beauty guru on YouTube and an amazing blog that she recently restarted in the last few months. Beauty is her thing but this blog contains lifestyle, travel, fashion and more. She also has a great sense of humor and a very down to earth, casual unpretentious demeanor. Check out her YouTube channel as well.

image source

Into Mind: This is a beautiful blog for inspiration on life style with posts on how to be more minimal, or how to get started building your own fashion wardrobe. It has so much helpful advice presented in a very non judgmental and open way. I love it.

image source

Rose and Vintage: This is a British blog by 17 year old Ellie with a wonderful photographic eye and some awesome vintage style. She has a piece of my heart by never really matching and wearing patterns galore. Plus her blog is very much a personal diary that I really admire. She uses photographs from various devices from film to DSLRs. It makes for a very unique read.

image source

Honourable mention: Olivia Emily: Every time I see this girl I think, holy geez, stunning. I’m not quite sure why she isn’t professional model yet. So unique and black looks very good on her. Plus she British. Bonus!

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