#TBT: "creative genius"

Safety pin necklace

Sunday evening I spent awhile sifting through old photos and I came across a folder called “creative genius”. It contained pictures of various DIYs that I did when I first started blogging years ago and clearly thought myself a savant. I’m not, never was, but why not reminisce about some of the “cool” stuff I’ve made? Note: these photos were all taken on an old school Blackberry.


XL men’s shirt I turned into a dress and bowtie. Found this shirt in a flea market in Spain and hand sewed it all together 🙂


Beaded wrap bracelets that were all the DIY rage in 2012.




Revamped my old TV with a little paint and some tape


I was a nail art fanatic at one point in my life… I can’t be bothered now 😛

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