ABC’s of 2016


A: Appreciate what I have, the opportunities presented and the people around me.

B: Blog/play board games! Two totally different things that must be done.

C: Create. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

D: Document the things I do; Take more pictures with friends.

E: Explore Toronto. There is so much I haven’t seen.

F: French and Spanish, you shall no longer be neglected.


H: Have faith.

I: Invest in quality things.

J: Join a new club or group.

K: Gain more knowledge about science, specifically environmental science and biology.

L: Learn more concrete skills, like Photoshop, editing, math things, etc.

M: Apply for a Master’s. At least try.

N: Network.

O: Organize everything. I really love organizing things.

P: Poetry: write more of it.

Q: Question more.

R: Read more of EVERYTHING!!

S: Save my dinero.

T: Travel, locally or internationally.

U: Upgrade my computer and camera.

V: Value Village. Become a thrifting queen.

W: Wear what I want, when I want. Stop being so scared.

X: X-files. The truth is out there.

Y: Yes. Say yes more.

Z: I ran out of ideas…

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