The Postcard Collection

I suppose I collect postcards. I have this green photo box filled with postcards from places I’ve been and places friends and family have been as well. It kind of just started in high school when I went to France, Switzerland and Italy in Grade 9.  My was a goal to get a postcard from each place we went and I’ve been doing that ever since. The only place I can think that I don’t have a postcard from is Kenya, which is kinda sad but c’est la vie.  There have been various reincarnations of a display wall in the last few places I have lived. I wanted to share some of my favourite ones that I have found (or been given) over the years.


Che Guevara – Cuba (2008); Nimes Festival – Nimes, France (2007); Mexico Olympics -The Olympic Museum in Switzerland (2007); The Vatican – Rome, Italy (2013)


close up of the Mexico Olympics Postcards


Dublin, Ireland (2013); The War Rooms – London, England (2012); The Globe Theatre – London, England (2012)


Postcard from Rae – England (2014)


All postcards are vintage, from a Book Fair in Madrid, Spain (2013)


Front of a hand embroidered vintage postcard bought from a book fair in Madrid, Spain (2012). Google translates the last line to: “I am black but beautiful”. Tindari, Sicily is the home of the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna.


Back of the Tindari postcard.

spain postcard wall

a still from an old YouTube video showing the card wall on my closet in Spain.

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