IMG_0075Hey! Welcome! How’s it going? I’m Sarrah and this is my blog, Between Certainty and Doubt.

I’ve been blogging since 2011 and for me it’s always been a personal platform to explore things I’m feeling, things I’m interested and to share them with other people. Most times I find blogging therapeutic, and I can get a tad deep or personal. Sometimes I find it fun and creative and will do DIYs or fashion posts. Other times I’m super opinionated and feel like writing to the world. The worst of times have me frustrated and on and indefinite hiatus from this little corner of the internet.

This is actually the third iteration of my online blogging experience. When I first started I had a blog called I Saw A Turtle On A FenceThat was fun. Then I spent my third year of university in Spain and created Where the Stars are Strange because I chronicled my 9 months there online as well. But when I came back I no longer felt the title suited me and once more changed it. To me, Between Certainty and Doubt represents a state of being that I often find myself in, never quite sure. I figured I could grow and change within this framework and so I kept it. I haven’t deleted any of the old blogs and they are still there for the pursing should you so desire.

Either way I hope you enjoying reading and can take something from this journey of mine. Feel free to leave a comment or question on any post 🙂



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